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Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving

Viztek Ltd’s new and innovative Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving System is a unique safety feature and one that is set to become used across many stations throughout the UK.

Innovation is key to any company and their products which is why we have worked closely with Network Rail in developing the Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving. It is a new and innovative safety system and why it has been endorsed by Network Rail’s Asset Management South East Route as well as already being specified across a number of Network Rail Routes.

We believe that “Passenger Safety is Paramount” and the new Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving System is a key safety feature as it vastly reduces the possibility of any slips or trips which is vital with any product that is installed so close to the platform edge. Plus it is quicker to install and more aesthetically pleasing as there is no need to double back and install the somewhat troublesome and often unsightly separate edge fillet – ours is an All in One Patented Tactile Paving System.

This system is also extremely cost effective and aesthetically pleasing as we can install up to 100lms per 4 hour working window of one complete solid band of colour which is critical to any partially sighted passenger.

“The new Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving design is a vast improvement and one that we fully endorse and would like to see as a national standard throughout the UK. As we would endorse anything that improves on the safety aspect of products and materials used on or around the operational railway”

– NR Asset Management South East Route

Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving
Chamfered Edge Tactile Paving (close-up)

Rail Blister

Platform Edge (Off Street) Chamfered Rail Blister
– available in 440mm x 400mm

Chamfered Edged Corduroy Hazard Warning Surface
Chamfered Edged Corduroy Hazard Warning Surface

Hazard Corduroy

Chamfered Edged Corduroy Hazard Warning Surface (Hazard Corduroy)
– available in 400mm x 420mm


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